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29 November 2018 Shanghai, China More info

Information for speakers

Call for papers

We sincerely invite you to participate in the 2018 Connected Mobility Conference Shanghai.


Presentations should focus on topics and issues associated with:

  1. Shared Economy’s impact on mobility
  2. Future mode of mobility: future city / smart transportation
  3. Chinese demographic and how to improve user experience
  4. What service to be provided to meet the future need to move people and goods?
  5. Blockchain as an enabler to alter the future mode of mobility
  6. Autonomous driving
  7. Disruptive tech as an enabler to improve the user experience
  8. Sino-foreign collaborative innovation (“co-innovation”)
  9. How can OEMs, system providers, services providers embrace the change?

Requirement for presentation:

  1. Session title must be identical to the title of the abstract
  2. Overt selling of products or consulting services in not acceptable
  3. The presentation must be reflective of the abstract as submitted and accepted
  4. At least one of the authors must attend the conference and present the presentation
  5. Presentation PPT / PDF should be sent to us before 15 November 2018

Special note: Please kindly note that abstracts must be submitted by 4 November 2018.